The  Truth about Abraham’s Parallelisms


Abraham- his name, his figure and experiences of his faith, projects on whole Bible. The name “Abraham” signifies in Babylonian language “this, who loves  father” or in Aramaic – “(God) Father is exalted, in Hebrew is “Father of lots of people, a lot of nations Father”. He was named  God’s Friend, and even  one of  Lord’s determination sounds as follows:

     But that the dead are raised, even Moses showed, in [the place concerning] the bush,when he called the Lord the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.Now he is not the God of the dead, but of the living: for all live unto him.” Luk.20:37-38“In words ‘I’m God of Abraham’ God does not only say  about past things as about still lasting, but also about future things as already granted.” E-353



Granted from point of Lord’s view. Resurrection of  humankind will not be a problem of controversy, when everybody  will see resurrected Abraham. In question “how do I know” there is included  thought about  time of Lord promise fulfilment. In His answer Lord informed Abraham and all believers, when it will take place. Parallelisms 3960 years  mark  point after point, developing God Salvation Plan. Progress of Truth  on time also was seen  on this parallelism base. We present on this proof the article of Brother Tadeusz Wisniewski from “Upon Watch” – 1967 year.



How may I know?



The thought about realization God's promises, was always with  the most important object of contemplation and the greatest desire of all people acquainted in Lord’s promises and  without reservations believing Lord. But God gave  not unstable base, when (1) He had given His promise, (2) when He swore that He will realize it. (Hebr.6:13-18). As an anchored ship is safe, though it must  tolerate  hits of  waves,  so the believer is internally quite, in the time when waves of doubting are hitting him, wanting to destroy  his faith in God’s promises  , because his hope’s anchor there  is placed, where are not any storms, it is “behind curtain”  (in the heaven) – Hebr.6:19.


Though shortly, let’s look at one of the  men of faith, Abraham and at the  conditions in  that he  grown  up and in that he was called  by God. In the fourth century after the flood, the humankind was multiplied from three sons of Noah: Ham, Shem and Japheth.  All generations, nations and languages came from them. In that time, people lost their  faith, which Noah and his family had. Idolatry began to  reign as result of degradation of the mind and  degradation of morality as well as  the religious one. Abraham grown up in these conditions,  who there be  believing in the One God, couldn’t to agree with polytheism (multideity) and with depravity accompanying  it. A legend is, there be  fourteen old boy destroyed seventy idols. When he was grown up, he was called by God


For what was  he appointed? If for it, in order to avoid eternal tortures after death? Such “an  invention”  was not yet. And may be if he would come  to heaven? He didn’t know it too.



God calling content sounded in the following way  : “Get you out of your country, and from your kindred, and from your father's house, unto the land that I will show you” (Gen.12:1).


God calling content sounded in the following way  : “Get you out of your country, and from your kindred, and from your father's house, unto the land that I will show you” (Gen.12:1). Abraham, though saddled  he has received that after father and wife property, and surely acclimated for conditions  he has grown in, he has manifested his obedience to God and went  into the unknown, even could  not to  answer clearly  to inquiring him, where he went  to. (Hebr.11:8) . When he settled down himself  in the Promised Land, God said him: “Unto your seed I will this land” (Gen.12:7). God experienced Abraham’s  faith in multiply ways, but Abraham left  from every attempt  always as  winner, proving, that God’s promises were nicer him over  every earthy  profits and earthy friendship. God displayed His  interest of Abraham from His  part, and assured that there He will be a shield  before his enemies, who will not prevent him from inheriting  the land of Canaan.. . So Abraham has given himself over to  God, as God has given over to Abraham and it was already with “a shield” for Abraham, as for person threatened, and “the rich price” for expecting man. (Gen.15:1)

 Years were passing and Abraham had not his  promised son. His concern, in order to this heritage would not fell to Eliezer from Damascus,  caused a question mark of that for  God’s Promise once again. God explained  and assured Abraham that he, who will come out of his thigh, will be his heir and taking  him outside, and paying  his attention to starry sky  and to impossibility of counting them,  said: “So will be your descendants (Gen.15:3-5). The sixth verse contains words: “Then he believed in the LORD; and He reckoned it to him as righteousness ”. His heroic faith, humanely saying indestructible has triumphed over and it deserved recognition with God. Abraham rested with his faith and entered friendship with God. It has  become without cause of his ability as chief, which he showed  liberating Lot, his nephew from hands  of  his multiply stronger enemies; neither for his disinterestedness, when he gave spoils back, but his  illimitable confidence  in words of Creator (Gen.14). From  this cause, he became  “ father   of all believers” (Rom.4:11).

Abraham is father for Jews, because they are his sons by Isaac and by Jacob. Abraham is father for Muslim by Ishmael  and by Esau, while for Christians by faith (Gal.3:29). But if Christians would have such faith as Abraham had, that chosen will bless unchosen people? That in Abraham seed all nations of the earth will be blessed? On  the contrary, the  genuine  faith has been lost by acceptance of doctrine, that chosen, who came to heaven, will look at tortures  of unchosen  by whole eternity and will be feeling well, that they have  been maintained, although their nearest are fried, frizzed there, etc. 

We invert ourselves from human inventions, and we accept the God Word  statement, with whole heart, that “the wages of sin is death (but not eternal tortures) but  the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus,  our Lord”(Rom. 6:23).



Abraham is father for Jews, but if many of them accept the fact? For many scholars of  this world, the story about Abraham is a legend. The circumcision  become ceremony only. The truly circumcision of heart leads to the community with God by inverting from sin and obedience to God and includes to  God’s family. (Rom.2:28; Kol.2:11-12)


Abraham was promised the Land of Canaan  (Gen.15:7)but Word of God informs that, there is the  Canaan heavenly and  earthly, the  heavenly Canaan for Church of the Gospel Age, whos members as “stars on sky”, would be enjoyed with the spiritual life in the heaven(1Kor.15:42-43, 48-53). The earthly Canaan is for all who will live on the earth; for Jews (Rom. 11:25-32)  as well as for all generations of the earth compared to “sand on a seashore” (Rom.8:20-21).

"How may I know that I will possess it?" There are no doubts in the words, but  being wish of obtaining of an  explanation. It is not sin to inform in what way and when God’s promises will be realized.  Daniel was “highly esteemed man” when he prayed hot about explanation of prophecies  concerning time (Dan.9:21-22). Then he was reported of time of prophecy fulfilling then.(Dan.9:2,24-27).

         Otherwise God treats unbelievers and otherwise believers  according to text: “Who searches will find”.( 1Moj.24:13-14; Sêdz.16:17-23; 17:36-40; 1Sam.14:9-10; 2 Król.20:8; £uk.1:18.)

Just as Abraham, also disciples of Jesus displayed  alive interest of the  case of God’s Kingdom, of Second Present of Jesus, of  end of time of destruction of the end of the age, of the temple of Jews, which was national pride of them (Mat.24:1-3).

Abraham did not ask Lord, when he will inherit the land, but “how may he will  know” (for what signs) he will inherit it. The disciples asked similarly: what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the world (age)?".

Evangelist Matthew in chapter 24, serves range of signs, which our Savior mentions in answer on questions of the disciples. Verse 32 contains a fig tree  sign, it signifies rejuvenating and emission of leaves, what signals that the summer  is close, and it means in antitype, God’s Kingdom is near, that it is “right at the door”. Evangelist Lukas serves additional sign else, namely, that besides a fig tree,  budding of other trees  is the  sign of near  God’s Kingdom. (Luk.21:29-31).


For studying the Holy Scripture it is not difficult to understand what means “a fig tree”. Our Master said the parable about the fig tree, which by three years was  not bringing the fruits, but still  it was a  subject  of  farmer patience, who ordered put it with fertilizer,  expecting fruits in fourth year. But  and in fourth year the tree didn’t bring fruit (Luk.13:6-9). Jewish nation is that tree, which was observed by Master three years – from his baptism in Jordan, but in half of  fourth  year, 10 Nisan, when our Master had  entered  Jerusalem as King, though a nation was singing “Hosanna Son of David”, elders of people decided to kill Jesus, as “Passover Lamb”. Several days later and  people instigated by elders, cried to Pilat: “crucify Him!”.


After His famous entering Jerusalem, Jesus cursed a fig tree, that  standing  at road hadn’t got  any fruits for hungry Jesus(Mat.21:1-20). Jewish nation, rejecting his Messiah, proved that he had not fruits of justice, same decided, as nation  had to wither. It became fact in 70 year  A.D., when temple was burned and fulfilled words of Master: “not one stone here will be left upon another”. During siege of Jerusalem, perished one million of people,  from pestilence died 40000, 97000 gone to captivity. A few thousands  dead bodies were found  in underground; probably they poor fellows, either they killed themselves  or assigned death mutually. The saint vessels of temple: the table, the  candlestick, the Mosaic Law scrolls, were  transported to Rome. But  Jewish nation subsisted still as Israel State. In years 132-135 Bar Kochba pronounced by Rabbi Akiba as Messiah, “son of star” (Num.24:17)made a great uprising; he dislodged Roman army from Palestine, ordered to stroke commemorative coins.   However this triumph didn’t last long. Emperor Hadrian called Julius Sever,  the best commander from Britain,  plans were outlined, and the uprising felt   in near 54 battles, and Bar Kochba  was besieged in  fortress  Betar, defeated and killed in 135 year A.D. 50 fortresses knocked down  in this uprising, 985 towns and villages were changed to ash. About 580 000 people perished  in the struggle, and  else more people were dead owing to  war difficulties. Jews were sold  to captivity, and number of them was so large, that horse and  slave costed just  the same. Writer G.Riciotti in book titled “Times of Israel” finished history of the nation, at the decay of the uprising of Bar Kochba with words: “From this day, a whole world become capital for Jews, and  their hearts  become temple”. Then according to words of Jesus, Jews remained homeless,  remained drifters,  and “house of them  remained empty”.( Mat.23:38)

If Lord rejected His people? If Israel had to be on always  a drifter without homeland?(Rom.11:1) Saint Paul says that not. Israel has  fallen into blindness according to the high calling and that’s why it has became part of Abraham seed, “as heavenly stars”. However God, Who  loves  their fathers, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob,  loves also their children according to the flesh.

Where to Jews had to be rejected from the favor of God and to stick in their blindness? Saint Paul says,” until the fullness of the Gentiles” would enter to  the Church (Rom.11:25). According to light given for us  by faithful servant, the proper and wanted amount the invited “guests” to “wedding” was in 1878 year  , when King has came to look at the house fulfilled with guests (look at. commentary  to Mat.22:10-11 as well as Vol.III 221-222)

If then, it has become anything that would  indicate   grace displayed  to flesh seed of Abraham?

Yes! Then the  doubly punishment  of Israel  was expired, 1845 years of enduring  of national existence  of Israel, from death of Jacob to Death of Jesus, was a measure 1845 years of  Israel nation punishment. This measure 1845, counted from death of Jesus to year 1878 indicates (Jer.16:18; Zach.9:9-12; Isa.40:1-2), that  Lord’s grace began to return  to the chosen nation.

In 1878 year, was held  the congress of nations in Berlin,  where Lord Beaconsfield (Jew) has played main role,  contemporary  the prime minister of England. The result of the conference was improvement of  conditions of Jews in Palestine and opening them the way  to  homeland, for England included  the general patronage over Asiatic provinces of  Turkey. 

Then the  centers of faith in Jesus emerged among Jews, independent of other Christian denominations; they were emerged by Joseph Rabinowitsch  and by Jacob Scheinman, the Polish Jew in Russia; also the New Testament   was translated  for Jews by Prof. Delitzsch .

In year 1897, the first Zionist Congress was called by Herzl  in Basel. Herzel noted following  words in his memorial: “I have established the Israel State in Basel. If I would say it publicly – the world would jeer at  me. However  after five years, and  surely after fifty all will  recognize the fact”. Herzel wrote the words in 1897, and after fifty years later, on 29 November  1897 year, General Assembly on United Nations took resolution about creation of Jewish State. Jews recognize Herzel as the  second Moses, who moved them out of different countries to Palestine, just as  Moses done it  sometime, when he moved them out of Egypt. 

In 1910 year, Brother Russell  visited Palestine and made speech to Jews. After his return, he was invitated to New York Hippodrome, where he made speech to 4000 Jews   as well as in Academy of Music in Brooklyn. Next he made speech in England in Albert King Hall. In draft of fortnight came on  up to  five thousands orders on  printing of his sermons, which contains  lecture: “Comfort, O comfort My people…..Speak kindly to Jerusalem;… that her warfare has ended, That her iniquity has been removed, That she has received of the LORD'S hand Double for all her sins. ”.( Isaj.40:1-2.)

In such manner is  marked the return of grace for  Israel, when according to words of Paul Apostle, “fullness of the Gentiles”   has came in to the Church. But total curing of Israel nation from blindness for Gospel Truths, it’s not possibly   to  expect quicklier until  the Church last members choosing  will end – until “fullness of the Gentiles” will be realized in these words  most complete meaning – after coming  a last member of Christ Flesh behind the  Second Curtain.  Then God will pour out Spirit of grace and prayers on the nation and they will recognize their national mistake of crossing Son of God , their Messiah (Zach.12:10-14), they will understand whom pierced.

Let’s return to Abraham’s  question: “Oh Lord, how may I know that I shall inherit it?” it means what signs will you give me to strengthening of my faith? (Gen.15;8)

Lord  told  him to take animals and birds to sacrifice.  He told him  to cut the animals and He came between halves in the form of fiery torch. This way, according to ancient custom of  reaching  solemn obligations, God used  the strongest trait - symbol, insurance (Gen.15:9,10,7,18)

God  served certain details too, according to his seed , that it would be oppressed four hundred years; where it would be stranger in a foreign  state, where from it would leave under Lord’s  almighty protection. Verses (13 and 14) say about suffering of seed, beginning from Isaac, who was scoffed by Ishmael , thirty years after the Covenant with Abraham , when Isaac was five years old, until exit of  nation of Israel from Egypt, when 400  years has expired above-mentioned.


God didn’t say Abraham that it would take 4000 years before God’s promises have been realized. He didn’t say him too, what means that his seed would be as “sky stars” and “sand on seashore”. There was with certitude for his good, and he knew  from prophecy about 400 years,  that he would not live to these times, but he believed in resurrection, in which God’s promises would be realized; therefore he has died with hope, “not receiving not even a foot of ground”. (Acts.7:5)    

God’s  promises haven’t  fulfilled yet, neither in Jews Age nor in Gospel  Age, because

Abraham’s seed (Gal.3:16-29) is not recognized yet.  

There is a certain lesson for us in the sign given to Abraham. The offering  included: a heifer,  a goat and a ram, which were three years old and birds at the age of  one year  , there are 11 years altogether. Because a prophetic year contains 360 days,  there are 11x360=3960 days. According to the  prophetic method “a day for each year” (Num.14:34; Eze.4:6) it would give 3960 years. From Abraham’s Covenant  till 1st year A.D. is 2045 years; 3960-2045=1915 years – hence 1915 year is the end of the period of 3960 years. If anything was happened  in that year  then it was  possible to know, that Abraham’s seed would   inherit   the land of Canaan? Yes, it is the world war date,  thanks to that  the case of Jewish nation has gone forward. In this war result, Balfour’s Declaration  was pronounced  in 09-12-1917 year. This historic document said: “His Majesty Government (English) concerns favorably for establishing a homeland  for Jewish nation in Palestine and it will use hard efforts towards fruition this task”. This declaration was approved by the  main allied superpowers also it was included to the Versailles Treaty. As yet, Palestine had been under a credential  of League of Nations, and some years later Great Britain  was given  the credential over and  so the case of Israel went forward.

On the day 9 December 1917 year, Jerusalem was returned from hands of Turks to Englishmen without one  shoot. A small misunderstanding was a reason of it. The chief of English army was general Allenby. When Turks  had  informed that  a power-full general  Allah-Bey (Allen-By) went against them, it acted magically on whole army, for this name means “a prophet of Allah”. Fearing disfavor of the prophet, they withdrawn from Jerusalem without a battle. This event is also the sign of grace for Abraham’s seed.


In 1917 year authority of Muslim finished, which lasted there from 636 year, so 1281 years

The date 1914, as the world war date is reasonable not only with  this one time prophesy (Gen.15:9). This is the date of the end of “times of the Gentiles” . Let’s mention here “seven times of punishment” –(Lev.26:27-28) Seven years of Nebuchadnezzar’s degradation (Dan.4:16) 360 x 7 = 2520 years. From downfall of Jewish kingdom during  Zedekiach  in year 606 B.C.  till year 1914 A.D.  are 2520 years.

The prophecy about Babylon’s  downfall (Dan.5:25)  includes also number of 2520 years. Words: “Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin in Hebrew  language sound: mina, mina, shekel and half of mina. Mina and shekel there are ancient  units of weights. When we will change they for gerah, this according to Babilon table of weights looks as follows:















Half of Mina









(Look at Vol. II page 737)(Bible Encyclopedia)


Significance of this prophecy is following:

“Mina, mina” - it is form of calculation, additions and it signifies: “God has numbered your kingdom and put an end to it.”

“Thekel” – shekel is respect of mina fifty times  easier and  signifies that Babylon is  too easy on God’s scale of justice.

“Upharsin” –a half of mina. So mina was divided on two parts as Babylon will be divided between Meds and Persians  but same destroyed.

Babylonian wise men couldn’t understand this inscription, only Daniel could understand, because  God had  translated it  him . The number of  2520 is intelligible, because  is divided by all figures from one to ten, and understanding of it is  given to us  in the ultimated  times (Dan.12:10), when came the end of “times of Gentiles” in 1914 year. Since then world is dividing on two parts as “mina” from the prophecy, what is process of “crumbling” (Dan.2:45)

Who is making this crumbling? We answer – Christ,  antytypical Cyrus (Sun) , commonly with a part of granted Church, which was resurrected, when Jesus had come (1Tes.4:15-17), and the part of Church which is on the earth, is anouncing  the  mission : “Your God reigns” (Isai.52:7-11). When the last  member of Christ’s Body will be glorified then all will have participation in royal authority of Christ, which is the old world crumbling. (Ap.11:17-18; 2:26-27).  Then “times of Gentiles” will be  finished in most complete of this word  meaning, when will not be a trail for them. (Dan.2:35).

Let’s look at the next items having meaning. “Now Abraham was ninety-nine years old when he was circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin.”(Gen.17:24) That was a next sign for Abraham, that he will inherit the land, because “circumcision was a seal of the righteousness of the faith which he had  while uncircumcised” (Rom.4:11). When we measure 3960 years from Abraham’s circumcision we will receive 1939 year. There is a  year of begining of the  second world war.

Further experience and sign in the life of Abraham was Agar and Ishmael ejection from house, for it, that Ishmael pursued Isaac. There was thirty years after the Covenant and this fact began prophecy about Abraham’s seed 400 years pursuing, when Isaac was five years old, until exit of Jewish nation from Egypt. (Gen.15:13 see Commentary) When we measure 3960 years from this moment it will give us 1945 year.  There is year of the end of the second world war. When Abraham was 100 years old, Isaac born him. (Gen.21:5) There was the sign for Abraham, that his seed would inherit the land. When we measure 3960 years from this moment we will give 1940 year. Jewish nation is earthly Isaac because it  comes directly from him. Usually pain accompanies birth of person.(Gen.3:16) Before Jewish nation established as state of Israel in 1948 year, it had experienced terrible pains, nazi persecution – camps, ghettos and mass slayings. Though Hitler incited the  war against all over the world, however, he glowed particular hate for Jews. It’s tallies with the date of year 1940, when after beginning of the war,  Hitler dealt with particularly oppressing of Jews.

We can make next considerations. When Ishmael born, further  persecutor of Isaac, then Abraham was 86 years old (Gen.16:16). When we will add 3960 years we will receive 1926 year, which gets to years of developing of Hitlerism in Germany, which was one of biggest persecutors of Jewish nation and the sign for Abraham’s seed, that the land  promised by Lord is the unique safe place   for them. We  inform,  from encyclopedia of Trzaska,Ewert and Michalski as well as  General Great Encyclopedia, that Hitler established  the demagogic socialist ultra party. In November 1923 year, he tried to perform take-over of state in Munich. In 1924 year, he was  judged on 5 years of fortress, but pardoned after one year. In years 1925-1927, he wrote book “Mein Kampf” (My fight), in which he formulated a chauvinistic and racist program of  hegemony of Germany in Europe.

In volume one chapter XI under title “Nation and race” he considers Jewish problem from many points of view, taking a position on Jewish nation negatively. He sees reason of many ailments in a state life and in the world, in  Jews. Hitler wrote in final word of book “Mein Kampf” : “On day 9 November 1923 year in fourth year from its rising, nationally-socialist German party  solved and forbidden on  the area of the whole Reich. Today, in November 1926 it has  raised again in the whole Reich, free, stronger and internally more clamped then ever before”. From this time, Hitter had went to authority leaning on his party, till he got it in 1933 year.

It follows from above-mentioned, that date of writing of the book “Mein Kampf” (1925-1927) as date of rising of nazi party (1926) as the most correspond with date from prophecy we considered.

So as Ishmael  had  thrown out  from house, so that Isaac could enjoy peace, and how is mentioned above, it points at 1945 year;  doesn’t  it cover with facts, that Hitler lost the  war  in this year , denounced by all states, they felt about Jewish nation kindly, giving him quiet life in new formed Israel state? Isn’t it  the last times sign, even if strongest  persecutor isn’t able to destroy God’s promise, but just the opposite – he helps for its realization unconsciously?  Don’t we  see the grace of God in these difficulties, Who desires to gather this nation to the land promised for their ancestors? (Jer.16:14-16).

Jewish nation  judged and  executed a  death sentence for Eichman, who was chief of behalf of Hitler of Jewish nation extermination action in all occupied countries.  Jews could afford the gesture of generosity for West Germany barrister  Serwatius, who received 20 000 dollars for defense of Eichman.

Let’s sum our considerations up:


In result of the  first world war:

In result of the second world war:

- Balfour’s declaration issued

- The British credential was over  in


- Ensued removal authority of Muslim in Palestine, and assumption a  credential  of League of Nations over Palestine, and  next by England 

- State of Israel rose in 1948 year (there are 70 years from finishing of double of punishment in 1870 – Jer.16:18; Zach.9:9-12; Isaj.40:2; Lectures of the Holy  Scripture. Vol II page.242).

- Jews privileges increased in Palestine


Still  some time will expire before Jewish nation will know its  nationally fault when it sentenced Son of God to death, his Messiah, who “ came to His own, and those who were His own did not receive Him” (Joh.1:11). They will be feeling sorry, and the repent will be general, bitter and honest; “they will weep bitterly over Him like the bitter weeping over a firstborn”, “whom they pierced on the cross”. (Zac.12:10; Joh.19:37).


Christ will forgive them as Joseph forgave his brothers, which had sold him. God will change their hearts from stony to fleshly and He will  make a new covenant with them and He will give blessing to them. “For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable”. (Rom.11:26-29). It will not be sooner, until Christ, Head and Body have been completed and glorified. Then Abraham and his seed will give his portion meant from God, and in his spiritual and earth seed “all the nations of the earth will be blessed”.

An antitype is always more then a type, therefore Land of Canaan is the type of the whole earth, which will become  a beautiful paradise, all suffering humankind hankers  subconsciously after which (Rom.8:20-22), and which will become  its eternal portion (Isa.35:1-10). Therefore seeing these signs of time “when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near” the Kingdom of God is near “and at the door” (£uk.21:28, 31; Mat.24:33).

 “How we could already to  recognize, that the dates from Abraham’s life are very precious hints, prepared by  Wise Creator for strengthening  our faith in God’s promise, as well as so that they will  show, that the Bible chronology didn’t finish  in 1914 year, but on the contrary, it shows by very simple way the dates of further great events, they played before the very eyes of the whole world. 

Our further chronologically considerations will be according to future, and they will be based on next analogies of events, which become in Abraham’s life.

We’ve the  following words noted in Gen.23:1: “Now Sarah lived one hundred and twenty-seven years; these were the years of the life of Sarah.” Because Abraham was 10 years older than Sara (Gen.17:17), in that case, he was 137 years old in the moment of  Sara’s death.

It was 32 years after throwing Ishmael out Abraham’s house. Then, Abraham (as it was counted) was 105 years old.


137 – 105 = 32


Which year was it? Abraham was 105 years old in  2015 year B.C..


2015 – 32 = 1983


It was in 1983 year B.C. In parallelism this year indicates to 1977year.


1945 + 32 = 1977


The death of Sara is of great  importance, because Sara represents Covenant of Sacrifice (“What Pastor Russell said” – page 488). So the death of Sara represents end of  theHigh Calling (“What Pastor Russell said” – page 502)

We read in Gen.25:20: “and Isaac was forty years old when he took Rebekah, the daughter of Bethuel the Aramean of Paddan-aram, the sister of Laban the Aramean, to be his wife.” Because Abraham was 100 years old, when Isaac was born, in that case  in 40th year of life of Isaac, Abraham was 140 years old. It was 3 years after Sara’s death, when Isaac brought Rebekah into tent of his  already not living mother. (Gen.24:67). It was 1980 B.C.(1983-3=1980)

Mariage union  of  Isaac with Rabekah impinges on 1980 D.C in parallelism and points at date of mariage union of  Church and Our Master, what will be 3 years after Great Calling ending (1977). 1977+3=1980

This calculation is very easy to remember. Year 1980 B.C. marks 9mariage union of  Isaac with Rabekah, however 1980 year D.C. points  at mariage union of Church with Master.


1980 + 1980 = 3960


What would represent, that Isaac has children 20 years after his marriage, being 60 years old? (Gen.25:26)? It impinges on 2000 year.


1980 + 20 = 2000


What would represent the death of Abraham, which become in 1945 year B.C., when Abraham was 175 years old (Gen.25:7), that is 100 years after Covenant, what in parallelism points at 2015 year B.C.?


1915 + 100 = 2015


Isaac has  become full heir of  all goods of his father, after Abraham’s death, what would show to even wider deployment of the Plan of God. It is a fact that after Isaac’s marriage, Abraham had  took Keturah, he had many children with her. Keturah represents the New Covenant, which will start with living humankind, beginning from Jews, after  glorying of the Church as well as after tribulation. (Jer.31:31-34; Izaj.2:2-3)”. The Bible Chronology p.102-103.




„Write the vision and make it plain upon tablets so he may run who reads hastens to the end – it will not lie”. Abak. 2:2-3





*   The parallel of 3960  years, when is calculated from the date of birth of Abraham in 2120 year BC leads till 1840 year DC. Then this was the time of  great intellectual movements  among Jews and of their endeavours  to emancipation  and their liberating   from  domination of great religions and the powerful nations of the world. In 1840 year  „Damascus matter” happened by monks' rumour and it  caused  Middle East Jews' pogrom. Then by the suggestion of " the great rulers of the world”  " the Consuls' Tribunal”  was negotiated  and established, for defence of  Jews against  provocation and the rumour. The representatives of England, Austria, Russia and Prussia were included in it. This fact caused the turn of  public opinion and  however it cheered Jews up and existing until this moment a weak union of  Jewish communes in Europe and East,   became stronger.  The thanksgiving prayers to Lord were done  in synagogues this time.  Then Abraham's promise of  inheriting the  promised land was  arising in pains of events.


It  was worked up on basis  of  H. Graetz Volumin  9  page. 128-130.   Additionally  you can see : " Abraham's  parallelism” in "Amen”, where  this drawing is talked over  in details

                                                                                                                                                                   Datum 10. 10. 10. (10 x 10 x 10 = 1000 years)


The truth about Abraham’s parallelisms, 3960 years  is developmental – it is the Truth on Time continuously. Lately, it was strengthen by the Bible counting method. It was showed in the type, by “a smoking oven and a flaming torch which passed between these pieces.” (Gen.15:17) Sharp objections against the parallelism and the counting, expressed by revellent  resolutions, were this “a flaming oven”. But the Truth is also the torch of light for coming by faith. “The flaming oven” will be extinguished soon, and the torch will remain and it will be inscribed in a Book of remembrance.

“Then those who feared the LORD spoke to one another, and the LORD gave attention and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before Him for those who fear the LORD and who esteem His name”.     Mal.3:16

The 3960 parallelism  points at key dates, and such the date is 1980 year A.D. The crucial dates are in connection with the God  promise gave to Abraham. The 1980 year  is in connection with the part of the promise, which relate to sky stars. 2000/2001 was next date, it relates to stars also, because the twin classes Great Company and Prophets will become stars in the event. All that’s left yet one  and last date pointed by the 3960 years parallelism. When we are measure 3960 years from date of death of Abraham the Patriarch, it means  from 1945 year B.C. we will give 2015 year A.D.


3960 – 1945 = 2015


Having the great questions of Abraham “how may  I know” in our mind, our own question comes to our mind: who and what will know in 2015 year? The word “to know” means “to recognize” often in the Biblical language. Abraham’s promise includes all the  nations of the earth. 2015 year is a border point for nations; they have to recognize Abraham as  their father of faith. They have to reject Satan’s lie, that they don’t die surely, because Abraham was dead and resurrected, that all people were  sentenced to the same lot.


“Let the nations know that they are but men.”   ------------------------------------------------------Ps.9:21

Till 2015 year, they have time for  finding this general truth out, and  for knowing God Prophets as their New Leadership

“Let the peoples praise You, O God; Let all the peoples praise You.

 Let the nations be glad and sing for joy; For You will judge the peoples with uprightness And guide the nations on the earth.

 Let the peoples praise You, O God; Let all the peoples praise You.” --------------------Psalm 67:3-5

 “Look upon Zion, the city of our appointed feasts; Your eyes will see Jerusalem, an undisturbed habitation, A tent which will not be folded; Its stakes will never be pulled up, Nor any of its cords be torn apart.”    Isa.33:20

"Enlarge the place of your tent; Stretch out the curtains of your dwellings, spare not; Lengthen your cords And strengthen your pegs.

 "For you will spread abroad to the right and to the left. And your descendants will possess nations And will resettle the desolate cities.

 "Fear not, for you will not be put to shame; And do not feel humiliated, for you will not be disgraced; But you will forget the shame of your youth, And the reproach of your widowhood you will remember no more.------------------------------------------- Isa.54:2-4

Prophet Isaiah using metaphor of  curtains, cords, plegs and tent, passed us  the important prophet message for today. The matter concerns developmental  Plan of God and fulfilling  whole earth of his knowledge.  The canvas (curtain) we called the fabric plaited alternately with a  weft  and a warp.  The warp is a thread along fabric and  the weft is a thread across fabric. “The weft” are prophetic God thoughts written in the Bible down and “the warp” are thoughts of God  also pointing at fulfilling of prophecies, types and figures. The meticulous weaving so understood “threads” creates a cognitive and knowing material of God Truth called “canvas” (curtains).

         “The plegs” are chronological dates in this arrangement, and “the cords” are chronological periods of times and whiles. The dates as “the plegs” can’t be moved, however “the cords” can be slack or tightened. Chronological periods overlap, interconnecting make impression  presumably were longer then the distance between the plegs.

The prophetic order “enlarge the place” right and left” simply  means – announce the Restitution  everywhere  and for everybody. The right side is also the symbol of grater grace, and the left the less one, that can be a hint at that Israel is always the first one, and the Gentiles are behind him (Rom.2:9). The Prophet of God assures also, in order to  not fear the shame, because will not be a  disappointment. The Plan of God is fulfilling, and its  knowing is  already enlarging. The original promise of God  given to Abraham was confirmed with God’s Oath. It proves that it has to fulfill in every detail. The pass dates, appointed by parallelism  3960 years, were confirmed by facts. One date  remained yet before us, that  is 2015 year, it will fulfill also.

The truth of God contents in Abraham’s promise and in parallelisms of 3960 makes compendium of knowledge about  Divine Plan of Salvation of Israel and  the World. All believers  regard Abraham as father of faith, and thereby regard to be children of faith of Abraham. As it is , you can manifest a honor for father Abraham by knowledge of Truth  shown in his promises and parallelisms.

 “And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed."  Gen.12:3






The knowledge of the Truth  accepted with faith, it is the first symptom of Abraham blessing and  condition of receiving  God’s blessings. The promise of blessings is addressed to all generations of the earth. Our older brothers in faith – Jews, don’t hold it against us, that we,  the believers from gentiles, we want to be the first generation blessing Abraham and blessed by God. For that reason we lift this Truth as the standard for nations on mountains.

“Lift up a standard over the peoples. Behold, the LORD has proclaimed to the end of the earth, Say to the daughter of Zion, "Lo, your salvation comes;”    Isai.62:10-11